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So much to fear - if we allow it.

There are common fears that can invade our lives, lessen our wellbeing, and rob us of happiness. A general fear of failing in life can be the result of fear in one or more areas such as with personal health or workplace conditions. A common fear is social anxiety.

There are many niche fears that are more confined such as fear of heights, closed spaces, mice, strangers, public speaking and more.

Fear tears at our insides and causes us to feel inadequate and panicky. It can be uncomfortable to horrifying and uncontrolled can lead to a lower quality of life. In our endeavor to be happier we should consider learning more about fear, its causes and possible ways of dealing with it. Fire up your search engine or head for the library and learn more about fear.

One suggestion offered through the ages is that it is not an event that causes fear, but it is the fear of that event. If it is in our thoughts then it is something that we might control by altering our ideas, attitudes, or actions.

"For it is not death or hardship that is a fearful thing, but the fear of death or hardship." - Epictetus (55-135) 

Try to free yourself from guilt or shame. If you have erred badly correct it or forget it. Talk it over with a friend. Look for good in yourself and in others. Avoid large doses of hyped bad news reporting and look for some good stories.

Criticism by peers at work or school is a real cause of fear yet it may indicate the attackers' emotional problems. They may need to put others down in order to feel adequate. Bullying is harmful and unacceptable, and it should be discussed with friends, family, and others that can provide help or suggestions.

There is only one you, unique and deserving of a good life, so feel good about yourself just the way you are.


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